The Dog Owners Guide: Why Does a Dog?

We often wonder about these things so we thought you might too!

  • Why does a dog like to curl up in a ball to sleep? Dogs have very good reasons for this behavior.  First, it keeps them warm by holding in their body heat and second, it protects their vital organs in the event of an attack from an unknown predator.  These are instinctual behaviors dogs have from their descendants, the wolf.
  • Why does a dog shake it’s toy from side to side or slamming it to the ground? This mimics the action wolves use to kill small prey. The shaking action is designed to instantly snap the prey’s back or neck. Your pup might be a sweet, cuddly ball of fur, but he still retains those basic instincts and the need to “attack” his toy.
  • Why does my dog paw at me constantly? Somewhere along the line when your dog was a pup, he or she did this. Likely someone thought it was adorable (it probably was!) and reinforced it by giving a lot of attention. Your dog now sees it as a way to get attention. The way to break the pawing is to simply walk away when he does it and only respond to him when he sits at your softly spoken “sit” command. This will take awhile to break. Be patient.  Be strong! Those sad eyes can work at your heart!