About Canine Inspired

Canine Inspired began in 2018 to provide quality products of home decor to families of dog lovers.  Since that time, we have expanded to include nature pillows made from our own photography, canvas art from our creations and other gift items.  Check out our store.  We think you will find something for the dog lover in your life! 

Our Story

How We Got Started

Canine Inspired began in 2018 to provide quality products of home decor to families of dog lovers.  Over and over, our family wanted to find ways to give back to the pet community but we weren’t sure that our charity always went where it was promised.  This is the story of how it all came together for us and what we plan to do in the future. 

In 2018, we had two dogs, Bauer (a Chocolate Lab mix) and Layla (a German Shepherd).  They were our main inspiration for our designs on the dog products.  We added a new family member, Apollo, in early 2019.

It became apparent that Apollo would need extensive training in a way beyond what we had done for both Bauer and Layla.  We sent him to a trainer for over a month.  During that time away, Bauer became suddenly ill.

While we were exploring options, we took him to an emergency vet for tests. Although his prognosis was such that extensive care was not a realistic option, there were families at the emergency clinic who faced a horrible decision: pay thousands of dollars to save their dog or say goodbye.

Watching one family say goodbye to their young dog because they could not afford the treatment broke our hearts.

Back at home, after the loss of our Bauer, we were even more excited to bring our Apollo back from training.  Now it was just our two German Shepherds.  However, things weren’t meant to be.  Bauer had been the alpha in the home.  Having lost Bauer, our female Shepherd was grieving and wanted nothing to do with Apollo now.  She retreated to her crate and over time, this became a real issue between Layla and Apollo.  Apollo began jumping on Layla anytime she came near me.  Dogs can behave in unbelievable ways when they lose one of their own.  Layla needed time to adjust and accepting a male that was trying to become the new male alpha was not working for her.  However, she wasn’t ready to jump into the Alpha position herself yet.  We made the difficult decision to re-home Apollo before one of them got hurt in a fight that was sure to come.   It was another heart breaking loss.  No matter what the reason, when you need to say goodbye to a dog forever, it weighs heavily on your heart and stays with you.  At Canine Inspired, we understand that. This loss further helped define the direction of our business and the products we design.   It helped us focus on creatives that would allow dog owners ways to memorialize their best friends.

Months later, we adopted a new best friend for Layla. His name is Neo and he’s a Brindle lab mix.  They are best buddies.  Apollo found a new home where he could be the only dog and work on certifying to be a K9.  It all worked out.

In addition to making memorable products inspired by dogs and nature, we are also working on our Giving Back plan to help families afford costly treatment for their canine family member.  Visit our Giving Back page for that information.

At Canine Inspired,  we are dog people.  We appreciate you taking the time to read our story, shop our store and visit our website.  If you purchase, share our information with someone, or show off our products, THANK YOU! 

Teri , Mark ,  Layla & Neo

Baby Layla

Baby Neo

Bauer in Wall Art

Layla - Now

Layla - Wall Art